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Icon and graphics sharing community for the HBO series Game of Thrones

Winter is Coming

Hi everyone! Welcome to Game of Thrones Icons. This icon and graphics sharing community is based on the HBO series Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. Martin.

Please be kind and respectful of other icon makers and graphic artists.

Basic Guidelines

  • No more than three teaser icons outside a cut.
  • Do not post one or two icons and say that's all you have. Your entry will be deleted.
  • Only one icon sharing entry every 7 days please. If you have more icons to share before that edit your previous entry or wait the required 7 days.
  • SPOILER RULE: Icons made from episode screencaps less than one week old could be considered spoilers. Please use your discretion and only post non-spoilery icons for your previews. Place spoilery icons under an LJ cut with a warning.
  • When posting teaser icons, please take the time to make those icons related to Game of Thrones. I prefer not to see teaser icons or graphics from other TV shows or movies in this community, although it's fine to mention them in a run down of your icon batch.
  • Please do not post graphics larger than 350x350 outside a cut.
  • You may only post one 350x350 image outside a cut. The rest must be under a cut.
  • Icons DO NOT need to accompany larger graphics.
  • You may link to a locked post, but you must state in your entry that the journal is locked.
  • Please DO NOT request icons here or anything else.
  • Please use tags.

    Questions and other things you may be wondering about

    I want to keep the "Community Guidelines" simple, but there are other things you may have questions about. Check the Complete Guidelines and Questions Entry if what you are wondering about is not covered above. If you don't find an answer to your question just ask me in a comment to that entry.

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